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CEO Greeting


CEO of QRT Co., Ltd. Kim Young-Boo
Valued and respected customers, welcome to our homepage.
My name is Kim Young-Boo, and I am the CEO of QRT.

Over the past several decades, electronics industries around the world have been growing rapidly. This is particularly true when it comes to the technology of semiconductors, which are being widely applied in a vast range of new products.

Despite its remarkable advancement, the field of reliability testing and failure analysis service, which is needed to secure the quality of all kinds of semiconductor components and parts, is in relatively poor condition. The reality is that many semiconductor businesses are experiencing difficulties in evaluating the reliability of new products, securing mass-production quality, and responding to customers’ claims.

For this reason, based upon our quality evaluation technology that we developed into a core specialized area over more than 30 years at SK Hynix, Korea’s major semiconductor company, and our technical personnel, we have been contributing to improving the reliability and quality of the electronic parts used in mobile, display, automotive application components, and environment-friendly engineering industries, both in Korea and overseas.

At the same time, we have provided lots of customers with reliability evaluation and failure analysis services based upon our advanced technology, equipment and fast services. Through these efforts, we have realized customer satisfaction and grown together. We really thank you for this result. We think that we owe this to your constant concerns and encouragement.

We are laying the foundation for multilateral growth to provide a higher and more consistent level of satisfaction to our customers in the future. We are also making every effort to inspire our customers by strengthening our investment in new technology development and equipment, operating our organization efficiently, and acquiring top-level human resources.

Our fields of business are currently classified into reliability evaluation service and failure analysis service. Our reliability evaluation service is classified into life tests including EFR/ HTOL, environmental testing including high temperature storage, low temperature storage, high temperature and humidity, and thermal shock tests, mechanical evaluation tests for structural durability, and electrostatic discharge/ electromagnetic interface (ESD/EMI). We acquired certification according to JEDEC standards for semiconductors from KOLAS and AECQ100 certification for automobile electronic components, a first for a Korean company, which proves that we have secured the top evaluation technologies in Korea.

Our etching technology, which is used to increase the probability of finding the cause of failures, is at the highest level in Korea, and our expert failure analysis personnel are able to provide failure analysis services for all kinds of electronic components, as well as ASIC. The failure analysis know-how and technology we have developed over our years in business allow us to reduce the time required for analysis dramatically in comparison with our competitors, to find the cause of failures earlier, to solve problems as quickly as possible, and to reduce quality-related costs drastically.

As your eternal partner, we will make constant efforts to provide our customers with the world’s top-class quality and competitive services and ensure your business success and our mutual growth. For QRT Co., Ltd., our customers are at the heart of what we do. Based on a management philosophy of “building a community where we can work cheerfully together with our customers,” we will always share our bright future with our customers.

We hope that you are always ready to share your concerns and encouragement with us, so that we may take a leap forward together with you.

Thank you very much.