Consulting & Education


Products are generally delivered to customers after a process that involves product design, production and inspection. We help customers produce higher quality products based on solutions that address the quality problems that can occur during the product life cycle.

Product quality has a great influence on the sustainable management of a company. The validity of production system and the suitability of the quality test system need to be constantly verified, and their soundness needs to be confirmed. QRT has over 30 years of experience in semiconductor process evaluation and test analysis, expertise and networks. QRT will help you achieve innovations in your production system and improve product quality and customer reliability through our range of consulting services related to plant management.

Major consulting items

  • Production and process management
  • Control of static electricity in plant and proper items, proper quantity, proper place, composition, coordination, cleaning, cleanliness and attitude
  • Productivity improvement and cost management
  • Management and analysis of plant yield
  • Quality control system (6 sigma/ TPM/ SPC, etc.)
  • Quality assurance and reliability evaluation system
  • Certification for quality management system (ISO 9000/9001, KOLAS, ISO26262, etc.)
  • Business planning and management
  • Internal audit/ leadership/ coaching
  • Equipment management system (preventive maintenance system, etc.)
  • Development of system (equipment) for specific evaluation or other purposes