Consulting & Education

Technology Education

We aim to provide high value education from experts with specialized knowledge and extensive experience in reliability test and failure analysis.

Going beyond theory, we provide comprehensive and essential programs including case study and practical on-site education to improve the reliability and quality of products.

Educational content

Reliability test and failure analysis of semiconductor and electrical components
Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis
Reliability Test
Reliability Test
Step 1: Theoretical education
  • Understanding of practical specification
  • Theory of test and equipment
  • Interpretation of test and analysis
Step 2: Practical education
  • Manipulation and test of equipment
  • Manufacture of test board
  • Real-time test and analysis
Step 3: Case evaluation
  • Case analysis
  • Test and analysis procedures design
  • Similar product assessment

Educational goal

  • To improve process-related problem solving skills
  • To boost an ability to improve quality
  • To improve an ability to deal with customers