Test Analysis & Equipment Utilization

Operation of Open Laboratory

We are operating OpenLab for customers’ convenience and efficiency so that they can utilize our systems for themselves, which include electrostatic testing system, analysis and evaluation instruments.

Electrostatic testing system

  • HBM
  • MM
  • CDM
  • Latch Up
  • Gun EOS
  • Surge Immunity

Non-destructive analysis system

  • X-Ray
  • Scanning Acoustic Tomography

High-performance detection system

  • Photon Emission Microscopy (InGaAs)
  • Thermal Emission Microscopy (InSb)
  • Liquid Crystal

Surface analysis systems

  • FIB
  • TEM

Destructive analysis system

  • Decapsulator
  • Ion Milling Machine

Electric measurement system

  • Curve Tracer
  • Oscilloscope

How to use our OpenLab

  • Please contact our laboratory staff and check if your desired system is available or not before visit our OpenLab.
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