Test Analysis & Equipment Utilization

Circuit Repair Service

By utilizing FIB systems, we provide circuit repair service to correct errors in circuit design and process on time.

FIB Service

  • Cutting of micro cross sections
  • Removal of oxide layers
  • Removal of metal layers
  • Platinum deposition

Cases of service application

  • Circuit Edit (Cutting, Deposition)
  • Advanced Cross Section Analysis
  • Fabrication of Micro Circuit Probe Pad

Cases of FIB Circuit Repair

  • Probe Pad Deposition
    Probe Pad Deposition
  • Platinum Deposition
    Platinum Deposition
  • Deposition Profile
    Deposition Profile
  • Precision Cross Section
    Precision Cross Section
  • Enlarged View
    Enlarged View
  • Cutting & Platinum Deposition
    Cutting & Platinum Deposition